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July 29, 2012
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Name- Striking Sword, The Fallen one.

Color- Silver with Black mane in a spiking sort of Vegeta fashion

Skill- Unicorn with Combat ability mostly sword related magic.

Relatives- Father- The former Knights Commander. Younger brother Brave Bow. Aunt Izumi. Uncle Syg

affiliation- Neutral

Loves- Princess Cadence. His Younger Brother. He would very much like Shining Armor's head on a pike. Fights

Hates- Shining Armor with a passion. Anyone related to, associated with or even pertaining to Shining Armor. Garble. (You'll see why) Queen Chrysalis. His eternal loneliness and longing for the life he felt he was robbed.

Personality- At first confident, Brave, Hopeful. But unfortunately also Overconfident, Boastful, Prideful, Domineering, Arrogant and Smug. But now at best Bitter, Spiteful, Vindictive, Jealous Hate filled and loathing. But on the plus he'd make a great red lantern.

Mark- A sword. Which unfortunately as his vindictiveness and disdain grows, Becomes more sharper and deadly looking.

Story- The best  way to Describe Striking Sword is a Gifted, Talented Young colt who put too much faith that his dreams would go exactly as he wanted and Expected. Born into a proud and Noble Family of Knights, Sword, From when the time he was a very young colt, dreamed of Following in his Father's hoofsteps and become  Knights Captain of the Royal guard and Grand Defender of Equestria. Also from the time he had been a young colt, He has been in love at first sight with Princess Celestia's niece Princess Candence. They had oftened played together, However His father's knights training soon started to take up much of his time. But he never gave up his hope that he and her would one day be together forever. From a Very Young age he displayed skills and Magic far beyond his years which made his father proud and he was the hero of his Younger Brother Brave Bow. When the time came for him to be accepted into the Knights Academy. He quickly became a star of the school and his Father took great pride in his skill and ability. Unfortunately, Princess Celestia noticed something else. Sword was Prideful, Arrogant and saw himself as superior to all the other students. And while his skills were impressive, They seemed far too violent, Deadly Even, For the code the Knights followed. His Father also soon started to notice and was beginning to fear the Princess was right. But it wouldn't be until Shining Armor entered Knights training, That things would soon turn Ugly.

At first Sword thought nothing of Shining. To him, Shining was nothing more then some hopeful who probably wasn't even gonna make it past private. Since Shining was new he didn't really know anything about Striking, Save that he was the Knight Commander's son who was also the head instructor, He didn't really know of his attitude. While for the most part Striking was popular among the academy and was believed at the time unbeatable, There were some, Quite a few really, Who knew what a jerk he could be. But when Shining saw Striking preform his skill and abilities, He quickly became one of his inspirations. Though most of the other Students warned him about Striking, Shining genuinely believed he was actually a great guy once people got to know him. But few truly how far Striking would probably go to stay on top. When  Shining was starting out, Striking often rediculed him and scoffed at his attempts. But as time went on and Shining began to develop and he was becoming quite popular in the Academy, Including his father, Was when Striking slowly started to notice his star fading. This resentment soon took a turn for the worst when in a practice duel, Shining Actually Defeated Striking. Which delighted the other Colts who were happy to see Him get knocked down a peg or two, But what infuriated Striking the most was that his Father actually Congradulated Shining as he had hoped the defeat would teach his son humility. Little did he know, anything but would happen next. But Shining still hoped that he And Striking would become friends.

To add fuel to his intensely growing and Burning disdain for Shining Armor, Was that Princess Cadence would often visit The Academy, Mostly to visit Shining and to add annoyance, She almost always took along an annoying young Dragon She often foalsat, Garble. (This was before Chrysalis took control of the Dragon Homeland. I'm using a plot from my previous story.) Although Garble made fun of Shining(Banging him in the head with a frying pan Baby Dinosaur style super heating his helmet with fire breath), He knew Striking was a Jerk. And when he noticed the interest he had in Cadence who he considered a sister, He often tried to make it a point that Shining wasn't too far behind.

Striking often tried ditch Shining and Garble to be alone with Cadence. But Garble would often find a way to undermine his plan. But things got really bad when Striking got Desperate. He paid a Dragon to attack the Academy and he staged a rescue making himself look like a hero. But Garble found out and Exposed Striking. The Commander was so upset with his son he Expelled Striking. Infuritated, Striking attacked Shining in a violent rage saying it was his fault and that he had no choice but to do it. Striking attacked fiercely, But with Garble's help, Shining managed to best him once again. Striking sent to his quarters to await punishment, But Shining, Despite everything still had hope for him. He asked the Commander to have it in his heart to give his son a second chance. They both went to Striking's quarters to talk to him..Only to find out he ran away.

During this self imposed Exile, Striking nursed his grudge and hatred Towards Shining Armor.  Somewhere along the years he learned many powerful ninja-esque abilities, powers, basically, Anything that would wipe Shining of the face of Equestria.

Striking believed that everybody had betrayed him, Yet his love for Cadence remained. Over the years he too up residence in an abandoned Dojo like building where he intensified his training with hatred in his heart. When he learned of shining and Cadence's wedding, He declared it the Final insult. Now Time only tells if he returns to make his move.

When word got to Striking that Shining and Cadence were getting Married, He infiltrated Canterlot to object With EXTREME PREJUDICE! But it was here that He learned Chrysalis was masqurading as Cadence. His love for her overshadowing his hatred for Shining, Striking invaded Chrysalis's hive to rescue her. He struck down hordes of Changelings, But by the time he got to Cadence cell...Twilight had already beaten him to it. It was extreme battle to get out of the hive. But when he got back to Canterlot it was already too late.
His heart in shreads and his rage and Hatred unyielding, Striking swore he would have REVENGE!


Striking is basically every jerk from every movie you'd ever meet. (The thugs from the Karate Kid movies, Tommy gunn, You name it.) He's also a complicated soul who still has some sense of right and wrong. Think Shin From fist of the north Star. The mere Fact that he has such emotions does not make him unredeemable Which is something Shining hopes to unearth Despite everything. Most citizens think that Striking should be locked up and the keys thrown away, (Twilight in particular). His Mother cries constantly for him come home But Striking seems completely numb to this. Striking possess a strong indomitable but horrifically Misguided will. He never gives up even though defeat is evident and has shown that he's even willing to risk permanent injury or worse to achieve his vengence.

Powers and abilities

Striking can move at extreme speeds and can teleport or phase through shadows. It's virtually impossible to get the drop on him. He has expert knowledge of pressure points which he can use to paralyze opponents and has used this on Big Mac. His main weapons are dual magic Katanas, Though he's a master of various other ninja weapons and he's a powerful force even without magic or a weapon. Striking's strength is Monstrous. He can shatter Stone, Marble and Steel. While Striking is not Invulnerable he does have an incredibly high tolerance for pain.


It goes without saying that the majority of Striking's relationships....Well make that all his relationships are bad.

Shining Armor- To Striking, Shining Armor is his mortal enemy and the symbol and reason for everything wrong in his life. He is convinced that he is simply born lucky, While he himself struggled to become what he dreamed. He is particulary venomous of the fact Shining Married Cadence, The love of his life. Although he truly hates Shining, Striking doesn't have it in him to off him  for good. Although Shining is well aware of this, He finds Striking more heart breaking then resentful. Although most can't understand why he bothers (Twilight and Garble most of all) Shining does seem to truly believe that somewhere deep down is the noble colt who shared his dreams. Once he saw Striking crying. If a colt can cry how can there be no heart

Twilight Sparkle- Twilight's opinion of Striking is identical to Danny Phantom's opinion of Vlad Masters. And for the mere fact she's Shining sister, Striking greatly depises her as well, Especially for her part in rescuing Cadence before he could. But now that she is starting to become friends with his younger brother Brave Bow This could spell trouble. As for Twilight becoming a princess...Striking just says the wing are just something for him to CLIP

Garble- Garble doesn't like Striking at all and is revolted that he almost ended up a jerk like him. Although Striking usually keeps his distance, Garble makes it a point to protect Shining and Cadence from him. Striking has detested Garble since he first saw him with Cadence as a small dragon. He thinks Shining making him First Lieutenant is the most idiotic thing he's ever done.

Brave Bow- Striking's younger brother and biggest (only) fan. Their relationship mirrored that of Twilight and Shining's  exactly. Their father never told Brave Bow of his brother's misdeed, since so many including their own father were already resenting him. Although their father always on the surface agrees with Bow's praise of his Brother, Their father simply cannot abide the bitter violent and hate filled colt his first born son has become. Also Brave Bow has taken a liking to Twilight which could spell Problems, Even though Striking still deeply loves his younger brother. Since he was the only one he felt that never betrayed him.

Trixie- The closest thing Striking has to an actual friend is Trixie Lulamoon. Trixie was curious to find out about Striking mostly because he had the same type of problems with Shining Armor as she did with Twilight.

The Skylanders- Since their Arrival in Equestria, Eon has often tried to sway Striking from his dark path, Though Spyro and the Skylanders think he's a menace. Their is already a heated tension between Spyro and striking, Ignitor's not too fond of him as he believes he disgraces a noble knight hood.

Kaos- Striking thinks Kaos is an idiot

Home- Striking lives in an abandoned dojo of some unknown clan. The inside mirrors Striking's own inner hate and resentment. He has Voodoo dolls with pins and stakes in them of Twilight and her friends, Training dummies that look like Shining and Garble and Spike in the back, and a huge shrine devoted to Cadence.

Skill- Despite being four legged, Striking fights with almost Storm Shadow/ Snake eyes ability. His main weapons are magic energy blades he creates. He seems capable of great destructive power. During fits of rage the area around him seems to explode(Think Darth Vader's force outburst in Revenge of the Sith). Most terrifying of his powers, Is Jao Ensatsu Korkoryuha(Immolating Black Dragon wave) nothing can defend against it but this also puts the user at risk. But as far as Striking's concerned he has nothing to lose


Early days at the Academy

Cadence- Oh Shining. I'm so glad you could make it

Shining- Hi Cadence. I see you met..

Striking- Excuse me rookie But Who invited You

Young Garble (grinning)- I did. Jackass

Battles with Shining Armor.

Shining- We Don't have to do this Striking.

Striking- Have To? No. Want to? I Do! Choice? YOU DON'T GET ONE!


Striking- I told you before. WHEN YOU NO LONGER EXIST!

Shining- We Trained together. Had The Same ideals, Same Hopes Same Dreams. Doesn't that Mean Anything to You?"

Striking- No...I HAD DREAMS! I HAD HOPES! YOU STOLE THEM. But That Wasn't Enough For You was it. No. YOU THEN STOLE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

Shining- Please Striking. Think of Brave Bow. He still thinks of you as his hero. Don't ruin that.


Flashback to his training days with his little brother Brave Bow.

Brave Bow- Don't worry Big Brother. Princess Cadence will come around eventually.

Striking- Think so.

Brave Bow- Know so. Jut like I know you're gonna be the greatest knight in the world.

Striking- I can always count on you to be on my side Bow. Just like I know your gonna be the greatest along with me.

When forced to work with his enemies

Striking- Help Shining Armor? I'd sooner choke on my own vomit!

Garble- Ya promise?

Twilight (grinning)- Must really burn seeing how much they love each other.

Striking- Unfortunately Brat I have no time.

But as Shining passes by Striking secretly trips him with a bo staff

Striking (smirking)- But I'll always have time for that.

Spike and Garble punch him the back of the head.


Striking (To Twilight)- My Brother and Cadence Are the sole Reason I haven't CRUSHED your head RIGHT NOW.

When begged to help rescue Celestia- Why would I want to rescue the woman who presided over the worst day of my life.

When he is captured by Changelings and Brave bow begs everybody to help him

Twilight- I'm only Doing this for Brave Bow. But Shining....

Shining- One one way or another he is still brother knight and if I don't who will.

When they get to his cell.

Striking- I would rather endure whatever Chrysalis has in store then allow myself to be rescued by you two.

Once outside he bucks Shining right across the face and runs off

Striking- THANKS

When he saw the wedding from afar- Darth Vader style  NO

Striking- I fear NOTHING! Because what I feared the most...Already happened

A confrontation with Chrysalis-

After Chrysalis reads his mind and learns about him

Chrysalis (laughing)- HA! Seriously. That has to Be...I God that is perfect. Guess I wasn't the only one who lost out that day eh?

Striking- Your Right I do hate him. I completely and Utterly dispise him. But here's the thing. He Never Hurt Candi

He then attacks Chrysalis

His interactions with the Mane 6 and Spike

Striking- Oh No. The Wedding I blame on a certain wretched little mare who will remain nameless (Shouts in Twilight's face) YOU!!

Striking- SECOND IN COMMAND? That imbecile makes a Delinquint Dragon (Garble) Second in Command. The fool.

Rarity- Now I'm sure you can clean up very nicely. I mean look at  your mane it's a mess. Here let me..

Striking glares at her right in the eye and growls

Striking- Go Anywhere near my hair and Both your hooves and The horn Come off.


Striking- You'll what? You little query lizard?

Shining- Garble, Fighting with him is not...

Garble- Look Chief. The only way to deal with a creep like Striking is to put him through the floor

Pinkie tries to cheer him up

Pinkie- This song should cheer you up. WHEEE...

Striking sends an energy shuriken that splits her hair down the middle and she is freaked.

Striking- Either you shut up. Or next time. I DON'T MISS!

When thinking about Cadence

Striking- If Loves Triumphs over all. Then why didn't mine?

Striking- Perhaps if my Training wasn't in the way....Maybe if she had foalstitted Bow...If Only...HE DIDN'T EXIST!

Striking- It's not Revenge I'm looking for. It's Justice!

In an instance where He actually helps Spike save rarity from the wrong guy.

As he walks away

Twilight- WAIT

Shining- Twily, Let me. STRIKING!

Striking stops but he does no turn his head

Shining- You consider everybody associated with me your enemy. So I must ask. Why would you help Spike?

Striking- I saw the look in his eyes when he looks at Rarity. It was the same look I had when I first saw Cadence all those years ago. Before YOU!

Shining holds his tongue at this but it ain't easy.

Striking- For me losing the one I love has been torture. But if Spike has lost Rarity to that louse it would have been worse for him. I would not wish what happened to me on anybody.

He then gallops off

Twilight- Even When he does the right thing he proves himself a jerk.

Shining- Not entirely Twily. Despite the obvious, It was clear he valued his love more then his hate.

When he is injured during a fight with Changelings

Twilight- Striking. YOUR LEG IS BROKEN. You'll Be to easy a target and you'll...

Striking- Well I'll just have to Take MY CHANCES THEN WON'T I. Besides. They'd be putting me out of my misery.

Celestia's opinion of Striking- No I don't hate Striking. I just find him heartbreaking.

Striking on Twi becoming a Princess

Striking- The day I consider that little sow ANY form of Royalty is the day the universe explodes.
I am by no means the B word. But I figure every thing needs a guy who just manages to spoil everything

His picture- [link]


Still working on it

Songs that suit him

When he's forced to be heroic- [link]

His feeling for Candence- [link] or [link]

A song he sings about her [link]
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EvannaSykes Feb 7, 2014
Oh he's cool :D I love the plans you've laid out for him :3 And his design is awesome :iconhappinessplz:
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Also, Striking's not exactly entirely without friends…
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Ahh, I thought Trixie may be a friend to him! ^w^ Can I draw him with one of my characters too? :D
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