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June 13, 2011
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wimp meets Dork Greg Meets Nikki

Greg has just met the girl of his dreams and Nikki has just met the boy of her nightmares- EACH OTHER!

After having (inevitibly) his hopes of scoring with Holly Hills crushed to nothing, Greg  runs into Nikki from Dork Diaries and it's love at first sight(For Greg anyway).

However Nikki is somewhat put off by Greg's inherit whining and disaster prone antics which quickly gets her dragged into them and Greg makes enemies with her crush Brandon and Greg's friend Rowley thinks school uber witch Mckenzie digs him.

Greg's attempts to win Nikki also reignites an old feud between both their dads and Greg's mom is attempting to keep what she calls Greg's raging hormones at bay because she says "I ain't raising NO Babies.

What also transpires is a series of misadventures that get Greg and Nikki into more mayhem then they've ever been in. Briana meeting Manny being friends with the little weirdo don't help much as well.

Several incidents include Greg, Nikki and  Rodrick trying to save Dad's job from a insulting phone when Rodrick attempts to ask out their dad's boss's daughter, Trying to locate all the boys stolen stuff while their folks are away(The house was broken into while they were at boss's house, Rodrick left the door open) and a hostage crisis (YES Hostage crisis) from two really STUPID crooks.

With Brandon as his new archenemy (As one sided as it seems) Greg is having pretty steep competition for Nikki's heart and with Greg's past history with girls things don't look too good.

All the while Nikki can't decide if it's better to hold out for a dream or a boy she actually has a LOT more in common with.

Equally ruining Greg's some what slim chances is his jackass brother Rodrick and his going no where band who have been given another chance to play at the school which turns into an all brawl on stage between Greg vs Brandon and Rodrick, Nikki and McKenzie and every single kid and parent at the school.(During which we learn that Cherag is a master of all martial arts)

It's a boy meets girl story in most insane way possible! Told through both Greg and Nikki's own unique perspectives and artworks


Greg: There she was Nikki, Girl of my dreams making google eyes at Brandon. I knew if I had any chance That Buttwipe would have to go. But short of sticking concrete boots on him and dumping him in the river and I didn't have whole lot of ideas.

Nikki: OK My respect for Greg has just gone up a ...Make that A BILLION POINTS. Rodrick is pound for pound THE biggest JERK I've ever met. All through dinner he said " Greg please ask your girlfriend to pass the salt. Greg please ask your girlfriend to pass the ketchup." I almost stuck it straight through his fat head, And who the heck names their band Loaded Diaper? Manny is pretty cute kid but he just stares at you blankly with his two buck teeth sticking out.

Greg: OK, I think that Brandon's gotten the idea that I'm head over heels for Nikki and that I hate his guts. Because so far every time we've seen each other He's shot me the evil eye and that's just fine by me. If he thinks I'm gonna back down without a fight the prick has another thing coming!

Greg: As I walked home from school, It finally started sinking in how many enemies I was making in trying to win Nikki's heart. Brandon, McKenzie, Nikki's dad if this kept up I was gonna have a rouge's gallery that put Batman's to shame. Unfortunatley, the only one who could ever give me advice with this type of thing is my biggest enemy of all my own brother Rodrick. Rodrick is the KING of making enemies and that's NO joke. Fellow students, teachers, principals, neighbors, relatives, ex-girlfriends, ex-girlfriends' ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends current boyfriends, girls he's hitting on's boyfriends, nerds, his own band mates, Dad, Cops(And that's a whole other story entirely) You name it, He's jerked it off!

Greg(During the all out brawl): While I was distracted by the sight of my dad trying to piledrive Nikki's Dad, Brandon snuck up behind me and got me in the headlock. I struggled and we ended up on the ground. That when Rowley came to the rescue. He had grabbed a pot of hot scalding black coffee and poured the whole piping hot mess into Brandon's lap. It's a VERY special time in a friendship when your buddy saves you like that!

Greg: Now here's where thing really went Bad! And this is even the part where all hell broke loose!

Nikki: Now here's where the nightmare Totally began. And this isn't even the where things went completely insane.

Greg: I was about to write in my journal....

Nikki: I was gonna write in my diary.....

Greg: But When I opened it my blood ran cold and my jaw dropped....

Nikki: I TOTALLY wigged out.....

This was A GIRL'S DIARY!


Greg: But I really wanted to jump off a bridge when I saw the name.

Nikki: I felt completely AWFUL When I saw the name.


Nikki: GREG!!!!!



Don't ask the reasons why -Restless Hearts(Greg and Nikki's song)
Your Fault- Plain white T's (Greg vs Brandon vs Rodrick, Nikki vs McKenzie)
Lady in red (Rowley sees McKenzie)
Kung fu fighting(Cherag kicking ass at the brawl)
Battle Stations- Winger(Loaded Diaper plays it but very badly)
In Too Deep- Song from Malcolm in the middle that suits Greg perfectly
Secret to my Success- Night Ranger just seems right.
Gonna Fly now- Rocky(Greg vs Brandon in a boxing match)
Been here here ounce before- Eagle eye Cherry
Cotton eye joe- Rednex
Falling for the first time- Barenaked Ladies(when Greg first sees Nikki)
Eye of the tiger- plays after the rumble with Greg's dad and Nikki's dad
Mustakrakish- Dethklok(loaded diaper sings this bad as well)
High on you-Survivor
Take me home tonight- Eddie Money( Fregly sings this at the show)
Shut up- Simple plan
A little idea that has been in my head for a while
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i have an idea for a diary of a wimpy kid book. or anime i should say. called diary of a wimpy kid:dimension Z. yes, its what you think it is. its a serious twist, like phinias and ferb. the episodes were kinda normal, then there was the movie. interdimensional. the plot of my DOAWK is where a being that takes the objects out of existence. he finds gregs first journal, and his 10000 year power up is complete. he sends gregs house [rowleys in it btw] into a new dimension. the gang have to infriltrate the dimension fortress and stop bad things from happening. greg finds his journal and it is blank, and if greg writes things in his journal, they happen.
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