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A One piece I'm thinking about Writing based on this Classic Popeye film here…
Room of Spirit and Time.

The day after Ranma rescued Ranchan from Freezing to Death, Ranchan woke up to find herself all bundled up in blankets. Sleeping next to her bedside was Ranma. On the table next to her were empty bowls of hot soup that Ranma had made for her. "Wow." Thought Ranchan. "If he hadn't come for me when he did..." "Um..Bro?" Ranchan tried to jostle Ranma awake. "Who...What...Where?" Ranma shouted out. Then he saw Ranchan awake. "You OK?" he asked in a stern and worried tone. "Uh..Yeah I think so." said Ranchan. Instictivly Ranma threw his arms around her. "Oh Thanks God!" He said holding her tight. Ranchan let some tears flow as she found herself hugging him back. "I Thought..You didn't want me around?" whispered Ranchan. "That I Was..." Still holding her tight, Ranma said, "I..Thought I Did!" Feeling Greatly sorry for how he had been treating her, Ranma knelt down and said. "Look..Sis. I've been acting like you just got her after we used the Dragonballs to remove our curses. But Now I realize, You've actually been with me since I feel into the springs. I spent so much time feeling genderly violated and socially awkward I thought I'd go crazy. Scratch that. I was going crazy. But then when we removed the curse and you were seperated from me and became your person. And everyone started calling you my sister...I didn't know what that meant until I almost saw you freeze to death our there. It is true what they say you can't choose family. And can't help how you came to be. So I guess sis...And this is never easy to say, especially for me, I'm Sorry! Can you forgive me?"

Ranchan's eyes watered. Then she grinned and said. "Well first off!" WHAM! She hammered Ranma right on the head. "That was for Being A JERK!" "Granted!" Groaned Ranma rubbing his head. Then Ranchan smiled and hugged him tight. "And this for saving me!" Ranma smiled and pulled away. "Hey, Hey Let's not get too mushy here." He said smiling. Then Ranchan sneezed. "Uh oh. Better make sure you don't get too much of a cold." said Ranma bundling her up. "I'll make you some more soup. You just stay in bed. Just call if you need anything." "My Brother waiting on me hand and foot." smirked Ranchan. "I could get used to this!" "Ha, Ha!" Ranma laughed sarcastically. "Just remember we're here to train. Goku could open that door at any minute and I want to be able to match up as much as I can at that tournament!" "Match up against Goku or any of the guys around her." Ranchan said with a far off look on her face. "Think we can after all we've seen?" "Truth is..." Ranma said. "Well since you know what I think..Not quite sue. But I know I'd never be able to live with myself if I didn't Try! So how about it Sis? We got through the curse together. We can get through this Tournament together!" "ALRIGHT!" chereered Ranchan Pumping her fists into the air

In the Following weeks, Ranma and Ranchan's days were spent sparing with each other, Trying to perfect each others techniques and abilities, And Finally getting the hang of flying. They also (Begrudgedly) Work on the Homework Chichi assigned them. As they worked together and played together the bond between them grew. On their third month in the Room of Spirit and Time, Ranchan had just made them dinner when she saw Ranma sitting on the steps outside. He was looking at a picture of Akane. "Miss her too eh?" asked Ranchan. "YAAAA!" Screamed Ranma. "Don't Sneak up on me like that!" "Chill out OK!" said Ranchan sitting next to him. Normally Ranma would have denied actually missing Akane. But since he knew there was going to be no use lying to Ranchan, since she was still basically a version of himself. Ranma sighed and said. "You our Dads set the whole thing up without even considering our feelings on the Matter. Ever since I met Akane, I thought she was the biggest pain in the World. And I was right. Just never thought I'd actually I'd end up falling for her." "Yeah." Ranchan said sympathetically. Then they laughed and said together. "EVEN THOUGH SHE'S UNCUTE, SHE'S UNSEXY, IS VIOLENT AS GORILLA AND BUILT LIKE A BRICK!" They rolled around laughing. Just then a weird look cross Ranma's face. "Wait a minute. You Don't...Have Feelings for Aka..." WHAM! Ranchan rapped him one upside the head. "NO SICK! I DON'T SWING THAT WAY!" "OK!" Yelled Ranma rubbing his head. "Sorry!"

Then Ranchan noticed something had fallen out of Ranma's pocket. "Hey That's...Of Course!" She laughed. "Yep!'" Smirked Ranma, picking the object up. "Ryoga's Tooth! First one I ever busted out of his jackass mouth!" "I know! I was there!" Laughed Ranchan. "HAHAHAHA! Still." said Ranchan. "I DO know despite everything you love guy like a brother!" Ranma stiffed for a bit at that little bit of truth. But while he never, EVER, Ever, Ever ,Ever, ever, Ever. EVER admit that to Ryoga's face, He did infact, like the lamebrain. "Even despite all the business with Akane!" said Ranchan. "Well." said Ranma, remembering Ukyo helping Ryoga at Capsule Corporation. "I don't know if that's even an issue anymore." He noticed something going on between them more and more in recent months. Probably even started back when they first met, Even during Ryoga being head over heels for Akane and Ukyo one of the girls Crazy about Ranma. Either way, It was probably right to mind his own Business and let Ryoga and Ukyo work it out for themselves. Then they went to talk more at dinner. "So how do you think Od man Happosai's doing?" asked Ranchan. "Don't know." grinned Ranma. 'Vegeta Did Ram that Broomstick pretty far up There! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Back outside, Ryoga and the gang were still reeling from their experience in the Pendulum room. "I Swear!" Mousse said still checking himself for injuries. "I could actually feeling bones breaking!" "Such Shame!" Kuno lamented in an obnoxiously over dramtic fashion. "My Skill useless against those Beasts!" "Get Over Yourself Kuno." groaned Nabiki. Kasumi elbowed her sister. "Hey?!" said Nabiki in surprise. Kasumi then pulled her sister aside and said. "I know he has an Ego Nabiki. But I saw how worried you looked when those monster almost crushed his head on there!" "Well he wasn't in any real Danger!" Nabiki griped. "Nabiki." Kasumi said seriously. "I saw you crying!" While that was going on, Akane was watching Ukyo give Ryoga the full check up. "OK! No Fractures. Open your mouth!" Ryoga grimaced. "Look it wasn't even my real body. I'm Fi..." "OPEN IT!" Ukyo Demanded. Ryoga did as he was told. "Hmmm all your teeth are still in there." "Would you stop nursing me!" complained Ryoga. "EXCUSE ME FOR CARING!" Screamed Ukyo. "SINCE WHEN DO YOU CARE ALL THE TIME?" Shouted Ryoga. "THAT'S JUST IT RYOGA!" Ukyo yelled with tears forming. "I...I Thought...I didn't..Care..I Mean.." Ukyo soon realized just how insensitive that sounded. "I Always did care. I just didn't know how much until I almost saw you..." She couldn't bring herself to finish. "I'm sorry. I gotta go out for a minute."  She walked out to the courtyard.

Ryoga watched her walk outside. He felt really low at that moment. Akane put her hand on his shoulder. Not too long ago it seemed, Her doing that would have put him on cloud 9. But in recent days. Well, He just didn't know. But he was greatly appreciative at the moment. "Ryoga..?" Akane asked gently. "It's OK. She's just...We all were a little on edge seeing.." "It's alright Akane." Ryoga smiled warmly. Suon walked up and asked. "Are you OK lad?" "I'm fine Suon sensei." said Ryoga respectfully. "I just have to go talk with Vegeta right now." As he watched Ryoga walk off, Suon was deep in thought. "Hmmm. He said Suon Sensei rather than try to call me "Father". Not the first time he's said that either. I could never truly blame the boy for his fondness of Akane. But I guess he's starting realize his heart lies elsewhere." The Gohan showed up. "Say Akane. My Dad And Genma are gonna go let Ranma and Ranchan out now. Wanna come along?"

Will add more later


United States
A One piece I'm thinking about Writing based on this Classic Popeye film here…

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