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Canterlot high Courtyard statue

With Kreese having snuck A Martial art Tournament into the Friendship games events and with a new group of karate thugs gunning for Human Garble, Flash and the recently found hapless Human version of Spike, Sunset Shimmer decided they needed Help. She hated to call on Equestria's version of Twilight and Spike. She really wished she could handle it on her own. But help was needed.

"Oh I just wish they were there." Sunset sighed as she looked through the statue mirror. Just then it began to shimmer. But who should appear but.."Spike!" Sunset gasped. Dragon Spike that is. "Is that you?" Sunset said observing Spike's advanced legendary Dragon form. "Sunset!" Said Spike. "Uh..Yeah." "Wow!" said Sunset clearly impressed. Spike had transformed before he turned human in that World, But this was Sunset's first time seeing this form. She had only seen his baby dragon form before. "Cool Wings! And Wow!" She sassed, Acknowledging Spike's taller stronger build. "Bet Rarity was swooning." Spike just flushed shyly. "But Anyway." Sunset began. "Look there's a problem and..."

Just then, Human Garble and Flash came up behind her. "Hey Sunset who ya talking to?" asked Flash. Sunset jumped, startled. Then Human Garble noticed Dragon Spike in the mirror. "Hey...Is That..." Spike saw his own world's version of Garble practically everybody. But even so it was nice to human one again. "GARB! IT'S ME!" Spike cried happily from the other side. "Aww Man!" Human Garble said. "Boy Have I..."

Equestria side.

"Hey Spike!" A voice called from behind Dragon Spike. "You called?" Spike spun around to see Dragon Garble and Pony Flash come in. "What's with the Mirror.." Just then Garble and Flash saw themselves in the Mirror. Their HUMAN Selves!" They stared back at their Human Selves. They're Human Selves stared back.


After a quick explanation from Sunset Shimmer: "So Those are us?" Human Garble asked. "Hey Man!" said an offended Dragon Garble. "Watch who you calling "Those"!" "HEY EASE OFF PUNK LIZARD!" Human Garble shot back. "WHY I OUGHTA...." Dragon Garble challenged. "I always knew you wouldn't be able to stand yourselves!" Dragon Spike said Rolling his Eyes. "Trust me! You guys are Each other!"

"One way to be sure." declared Pony Flash. "Um...Flash." He asked his human self. "If You're me, Then how many hooves am I gonna hold up?" Human Flash went. "Uuuuuuuuuuummm...." For a while and said. "One Dude?" Pony Flash held up a foreleg and with it's one hoof. "DUDE!" said Pony Flash astonished. Human Garble rolled his eyes. "Ok Another one." said Human Garble. "Ok Dragon me. Pony Flash. What number are we thinking of?" "69 DUDE!" Dragon Garble and Pony Flash declared. "MAN!" Laughed Human Flash. "They're right Dude!" "One last test!" declared Pony Flash. "Me! If You're me..Then Who Loves Orange Soda?" "Flash, Flash Loves orange soda!" sang Human Flash. Then they both sang together. "Is it Truuuuuuuue? Mmmmmmhmmmmm WE DO WE DO WE DOOOO oooooooo!"
They then screamed joyfully and did a ridiculous dance. "WOULD YOU STOP THAT!" Yelled Both Garbles. Then they stared at each other in Surprise.

Human took a look at his pony self. "Man. A pony? No offense buddy it's just kinda.." "None taken pal." Smiled Pony Flash. "Trust me. We hear it all the time!" "No Offense pal." Dragon Garble said given his human self the once over. "It's just Real Weird seeing myself as human. I've been hanging with some myself since spike and Twi have been taking us on these multiversal trips. Just seeing myself as one is.. kinda.." "Don't Worry about it!" Grinned Human Garble. "But How AWESOME Is It that my other self is a dragon?" "Good Taste!" grinned Dragon Garble. "Hey!" smiled Human Flash. "If since my pony self is a Pegasus, Maybe I can do PEGASUS METEOR PUNCH!" He yelled imitating the move. "What that?" asked Pony Flash. "It sounds Cool!" "Aww Flash." said Human Garble. "If your gonna think that at least call it Pegasus Ryuseiken! The Japanese Dialouge is always better." "Can You believe they called that show Knights of the Zodiac here?" griped Human Flash. "Yeah and what was with the theme song being I ran from Flock of Seagulls?" "Fellas!" said Sunset. "There was a reason I called Spike.

A quick explanation later....

"So." said Dragon Spike. "That Jerk Kreese and that punk Johnny are back?" "Yeah!" said Human Garble. "They got three new Thugs with 'em  and Principal Celestia can't call the event off! Normally I never back down from a fight. But we're and man short and Human you, Spike...Well...He's a great guy...he's just a little....Not You! Yet..But We're working on it. Sort of." "Johnny recognized him as you when you were here!" Sunset explained. "The poor guy's a hapless victim." "Well if you found the "me and Twilight" of that world, Myself and Twilight can't exactly come over." said Spike. Just then Sunset noticed Pony Flash staring at her. "Um...Is something wrong?" "You got pretty eyes!" beamed pony Flash. Sunset Blushed. "Hey!" griped Human Flash. "The point is." Spike concluded. "Other me's gonna having to fight this through himself!" "But we still need someone to help us out." said Human Garble. Dragon Garble whispered to Spike. "Hey spike you thnk.." When they were done whispering, Spike said. "That's an idea! But If a version of him lives in that town." "Who?" Asked Sunset. Spike and Garble grinned. "LEEROY!"


United States
Apparently SNK got bought by a Chinese Company so any hope of a Capcom vs Snk rematch or Capcom acquiring the characters themselves has died

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