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Human World. Fast Food place.

The Human Garble and Flash Sentry had just run into their world's versions of Twilight and Spike. And after a weird encounter, Garble and Flash now found themselves in Burger Fool (Where they're a Fool for your burger!) busy downing fast food. Flash was doing most of the scarfing but Garble was too depressed to eat. "Could that have been any more Awkward?" Garble griped his face buried in his hands. "I mean they didn't even recognize us. It's like I don't even know them!" Between Mouthfuls of French Fries, Flash said. "Cause we Don't. We knew the ones that were a magic pony and a super dragon." "One of the rare instances you actually make sense Flash!" Said Garble Truthfully. Trying to be reassuring, Flash then said. "I thought you were pretty smooth when you told Twilight she looked beautiful with the "Nerd Look!" " I SAID GENIUS LOOK!" Garble yelled annoyed. "And about that she really did." He looked as if he were star gazing. Garble then shook his head sadly. "I don't know Flash. Maybe we should just back off. No sense in forcing ourselves on them." "Why don't you just tell 'em the truth? asked Flash. "Oh yeah Flash!" Garble said annoyed. "We'll Just tell an extremely smart Science Girl and her equally smart brother that There exists a magical world where there is a magical pony and dragon version of them, That came to our world and looked like them. Oh And genius Girl guess what? You and I Dated!" "Exactly!" Flash Said with a clueless smile on his face. Garble would have smacked him upside the head, But was to depressed to do it.

Flash thought for a second. Then something Amazing happened. He actually had an idea. "I got it! Why don't I take Sunset Shimmer over to Twilight and she can explain. And while We're doing that You can try to introduce Spike to Rarity!" Garble couldn't Believe it. That idea actually wasn't Dumb. But still Though... "I don't know Flash. What if Rarity and This Spike don't exactly fall for each other and both get hurt?" "My Grandma used to say "Somethings are just plain written in the stars." Said Flash. "Besides do You really want to not take a chance and let what could be a good thing go away?" Garble had to admit. Flash got him there.
EG Human Garble and Flash meet Human Twi and Spike
A short story. Title pretty self explanatory.


United States
Saw it last night. Totally worth 20 years

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