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Janet's House, Orlando, Nighttime

Janet Steele, Aspiring Champion Women's Bodybuilder, Had been training for Months for shot at winning the much coveted Ms. Ultima Championship. She felt she could truly win. But Current Reigning Ms. Ultima Champion, Eve Corriander was going to be tough competition. Not to mention all the over equally muscular women who were competing. Like Marina Garcia, Jennifer Murrow, Hailey Porter, Rosemary Kingston. Not to mention this one incredible new comer she saw online. Apparently a circus Strong Woman who only went by the name Muscle Girl. Also a heavy contender was a Champion from Russia named Ivana Drako.

But right now, Janet was at home getting ready to Wow and Impress her own private audience. Which consisted only her 10 year old niece Karen, Who she was babysitting for her brother. Karen idolized her Aunt, and Janet loved that little girl so much. Karen sat on the couch. She loved to see her Aunt practice pose. "You ready Karen?" Janet called from the other room. "Yeah!" Karen called excitedly. Janet strutted gracefully into the room to the tune of the original "American Gladiators" theme. "WOW!" cried Karen. Janet was an amazing woman to behold. With her supermodel looks, flowing blonde hair and her incredible muscles she could qualify as an amazon.  Dressed in her favorite white posing suit, Her confident, proud smile and closed eyes made her look quite heroic as she started to pose for her niece. Janet hit a side chest pose, Then a tricep pose. A hands over head abdominal shot then glided into a front lat spread. Karen was in absolute awe at her aunt's poise, grace, and perfect balance of Muscular beauty and femeninimty.

Janet then spun around and hit a spectacular back double biceps pose, which glided into a back lat spread. She then spun around and winked at her niece hitting a side chest. Then did an amazing front double biceps pose. With every amazing flex, her muscle rippled and bulged with near superhuman strength. Smiling a brilliant smile, Janet then placed her hands behind her head, then pumped her biceps up and down rythmatically. Karen thought that move was cool. After one last biceps pose, She then bowed gracefully to her niece.

Karen Jumped up and down clapping and cheering. "WOW! AUNT JANET YOU'RE AMAZING! SPECTACULAR! AWESOMAZING!" Janet tried her best not laugh at the word "awesomazing" But didn't do a good job. "Thanks a lot Karen." she said kneeling down to her niece. "That really means a lot. It does." "Oh You are so Gonna win!" Karen told her. "I hope I can." Janet said holding her niece's hands. "You WILL!" Karen told her with emphasis. "Well it helps having you in my corner." Janet replied.

"Oh Aunt Janet wait!" Karen ran into the other room. She ran back into the room holding a makeshift Medal and Trophy she made. She draped the Medal around her muscular aunt's shoulder's and handed her the trophy. Both of which said: Future Ms. Ultima and World's Greatest Aunt. Aunt Janet Steele.

Janet smiled and let a tear slip. She gently picked up her niece and kissed her on the forehead. If this wasn't what it felt like to truly be a Champion she didn't know what did.

After putting Karen to bed. Janet went into her room and struck a few more poses in front of the mirror. Filled with more confidence and strength then ever before, she realized she owed all of it to admiration of a very special little girl. "I definitely gotta get her front row seats!" Janet said herself after hitting a double biceps pose. She could hear the cheers of the audience already. Then she thought about Eve Corriander. "She really is wonderful lady." Janet thought. "I'm am definitely gonna show my all!" She looked at the calendar and the date for the Ms. Ultima Contest. She was gonna make sure that was HER Day!
A Janet Satin Steele Story
A short story of character

Not the type of story I write normally but his character is pretty cool


United States
Do You remember Gridman? Or as it was Spliced up here Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad (Dumb name I know)

Well You are all gonna love this…

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Given, this girl is on the rise with posting her own art but she has been told three times already to stop posting art she doesn't own and refuses to remove anything because her disclaimer makes the copyright go away apparently. I am going to sort all this out so it is easier because there is a lot of stolen stuff and I am going to get as much as I possibly can on here. Note: some edits are contain too much stuff mashed together to find the original references.

Links to being told not to steal: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3


No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5 | No. 6  | No. 7 | No. 8 | No. 9 | No. 10 | No. 11 | No. 12 | No. 13 | No. 14 | No. 15 | No. 16 | No. 17 | No. 18 | No. 19 | No. 20 | No. 21 | No. 22 | No. 23 | No. 24 | No. 25 | No. 26 | No. 27 | No. 28 | No. 29 | Color Over 1 | Color Over 2 


SCREENSHOT THEFT (unable to find source as from game/show)

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5 


Theft | Original      Theft | Original    Theft | Original     Theft | Original

Theft | Original **   Theft | Unfound **  Theft | Original     Theft | Original

Theft | Original      Theft | Original    Theft | Original     Theft | Original

Theft | Original      Theft | Original    Theft | Original     Theft | Original


Posted Not once  BUT TWICE! | Original on


No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5 | No. 6 | No. 7  | No. 8  | No. 9 | No. 10 | No. 11 | No. 12 | No. 13 | No. 14 | No. 15 | No. 16 | No. 17 | No. 18 | No. 19 | No. 20 | No. 21 | No. 22 | No. 23 | No. 24 | No. 25 | No. 26 


(but no proof can be found that it is stolen)

No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5 | No. 6 | No. 7 

** = Being sold through Prints or Premium Content

This person has 167 pictures and not counting the ones in the last category, 82 images are not her's. That is 49.1 % of her gallery.  Adding in those seven brings the percent to 53.29%.  This is a big art thief that must be immediately removed from DeviantArt.

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