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Lucy's house

Lucy lived with her boxer hound Bergus, In moderate sized house in a nice neighborhood. The sun was rising and Lucy was sound asleep when here alarm clock rang. Lucy yawned awake and stretched her muscular body out. She bent over and kissed Lambkin. Lambkin was her stuff sheep doll. Though she was in her early to mid 20's Lucy couldn't help but sleep with the cute toy. Lambkin herself, Had made to look like she had big muscles herself. Sometimes Lucy would have dreams of herself and Lambkins posing on the bodybuilding stage. They always tied.

Lucy wasted no time getting started on her morning routine. After her stretching exercises, She then 400 one finger push ups and 400 sit ups. After breakfast she did her aerobics and some weight training with her home gym equipment. Lucy was excited about today since this was when she and Karen would go to beach and do a photo shoot of her.

After she toweled off a bit the doorbell rang. There was Karen. "Ready Champ?" Karen smiled. "Sure Karen." Said Lucy just give me a second to get ready." Soon Lucy had picked out her favorite blue posing suit, some towels and they were off.

It was your typical day at the beach. Sunbathers, swimmers, surfers, sunburns, man o war, you name it. By the dressing stalls, Karen was already in green swimsuit, flexing her own muscles in anticipation, drawing a few stares herself. She was waiting on Lucy who inside getting ready. "You about ready Lucy?" Karen called out. "Almost." Lucy called out. "OK. I'm ready." Karen was in disbelief when Lucy stepped out. She knew Lucy would look Fantastic. But This...Lucy was beyond Incredible. Dressed in her posing suit, Her fist to her hips and legs postioned in a dynamic manor, Lucy was the embodiment of female muscle and beauty. Her Muscles pumped and bulged in anticipation. "O...M...G!" Karen said. "You're amazing! Didn't I tell you you'd be amazing." Lucy blushed. "Good." said Karen. "Blushing's good. Cute works for you!" She gave Lucy the once over. I just hope my camera can fit all those muscles!"

As the crossed the board walk to the beach, Lucy was turning heads in a major way. Not that anybody could blame her. "Act coy." Karen whispered to her. "Pretend you Don't notice and keep smiling." "Oh honestly Karen." Lucy giggled. But she did just that and when they reach the sandy shore. Lucy flirtuously flexed a bicep, slid into a triceps pose, Then hit a double biceps pose. This generated words like



Look at her...

Just as Karen had hoped. She figured that once Lucy got the feel of posing and flexing in front of people, then it would help her get pumped enough to get on stage.

Now it was time to get to business. The ocean palm trees proved the perfect backdrop for Lucy photo shoot. "OK Lucy Karen said as she got her camera ready. "Get into the standy by position." Lucy had long been studying muscle poses so she knew her stuff. She assumed the pose, muscles at the ready. "Good!" Karen said with camera rolling. "Beautiful!" She observed. "Fantastic. Now give me a front double biceps." Lucy smiled her signature smile and went into the pose. All her muscles pumped and rippling. "That's right!" Said Karen. "Wow!"

Will add more later.
Lucy part 2
Continuing story of character Lucy
Park around a lake.

Her name was Lucy. There were two things about her you would notice if you were to see her. One. She was very pretty face that was a perfect mixture of beautiful and cute. Shining with kindness and innocence, she golden blonde hair shaped in stylish hair do on her head. Emerald green eyes and a dazzling white smile. The other thing you would notice about Lucy was that she was incredibly, superhumanly Muscular. 6ft of solid, rippling muscles. This only seemed to highlight her beauty. She had a sweet personality and would never harm a fly. She was dedicated to building the perfect body through her constant love of training.

Of course, Even as a little girl, Lucy always had a gift of muscle and strength. Such as when she was 6 and her ball rolled under her neighbors car and she simply LIFTED the car. When she was 11 and on the girls softball team, She busted the guts out of every ball she ever hit. Of course these feats of strength and her own glowing personality only served to make her much loved and admired among her friends. Especially in high school. Every boy thought and told her she was amazing.

Right now, Lucy was jogging laps around the lake of the park in the town where she lived. She was never an obsessive person, But she never felt the day complete without her routine training. She was wearing her blue tank top with white shorts and had wrist weights strapped to wrists and feet. This was her thirtieth lap in just 20 minutes.

Next it was off to the local gym. Lucy had her own equipment at home, But she went to the gym for camaradire and companionship. She was always a welcome sight and she turned the heads of everyone she passed. Locating her favorite work out spot, Lucy began her stretching exercises and got to work hitting the weights. Staring off with alternating biceps curls with two really heavy dumbbells, Lucy was working up a sweat but her usual sweet smile never left her face. She just always seemed to be in a good mood.

"Girl You never cease to Amaze!" Lucy to between reps to the familiar voice of her friend Karen. An impressively built lady herself, Karen had auburn hair in a tight pony tail. "Hi Karen." said Lucy setting the weights down and giving her friend a warm hug. "Lucy." Karen tracing a finger along her friend's incredible arm. "You are AWESOME!" Karen was always told she was something herself. But She just knew Lucy was something else. "You just got to get up on Stage!" Karen told her. Lucy just smiled. They had had this conversation before. Karen, and everyone she knew, thought It was time for Lucy to start competing in Women's bodybuilding. Get up on stage and show the world what she had.

Karen led Lucy to one of the display cases that showed the sports achievements of the gym's members for all to see. One showed Karen's own victories in the number of bodybuilding contests she had been in. Except the prominent Ms. Mighty Muscles contest which she placed 3rd. "You be phenominal Lucy!" said Karen. Lucy looked at all the various trophies and plaques. It was indeed her dream to be up on stage. And while no one would deny she definitely had what it took to be a winner, Her sweet nature never had her be to competitive. "I really would love to Karen." said Lucy truthfully. "But I just don't know. I hear those judges can be pretty picky. "A girl could drive herself crazy trying to impress them." "Listen Lucy." said Karen putting a friendly arm on her shoulder. "Just being up on stage and the cheers and applause are reward enough. "Besides I just know you'd be a gaurentee win and a fan favorite." Then Karen pointed to the large framed picture of an incredible raven haired muscle woman in a red posing suit with the Ms. Mighty Muscles medal around her neck and trophy right next to her. "Rhonda?" asked Lucy. "She's Champion 4 years running!" "And if any girl here can match muscles...Heck even Outmuscle her." Karen insisted with emphasis. "It's You Lucy!"

Lucy could help but be excited about the prospect. "That does sound exciting" she told Karen. "You got nothing to lose and a lot to gain." said Karen. "What you need is courage. Confidence and spunk. All of which you have just need to let out!" "Well what would you suggest?" asked Lucy. "How about this?" said Karen. "We'll go to the beach tomorrow and you can hit some poses while I record and you and see what you can work on. You like that?" Now Lucy was excited. "Sure! Sounds like fun!" "Now." said Karen. "Give me a look at what We're gonna see!"

Lucy smiled and hit a spectacular double biceps pose. Karen was beyond amazed. "Wow! Just....WOW!"
Lucy part 1
A story on character Lucy


United States
Sadly WWE Amazon Chyna has passed away

So has Pop Star legend Prince (Purple rain! Purple rain)

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