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Chrysalis hive castle.

So this was it. After 9 months after hearing of his beloved's (Who would never be with him) pregnancy, After all years of Rage, Hate Violence towards the one who she actually fallen in love with and married. And 9 months of being emotionally dead, probably longer than that! Striking Sword. Rouge, self styled warrior pony, was one hallway away from rescuing the being he was sure he crushed even more if he saw: Cadence's Baby Daughter.

His expression was mixed one. Forlorn, Yet stern. Trixie watch him move towards the room where Flurry Heart was being held, Her once thought small and selfish heart heavy with sympathy. She slowly approached him . "I can just..You know..Teleport her back myself and you can just leave." She told him. "There's no reason for more..." "Trixie." Striking told her sternly. "Everything I feared that would happen when I first met Cadence has already happened. That don't mean anything. All that matters right now is getting her foal back to her. No sense in running, too scared to see a baby."

"Yeah!" scoffed the downed and defeated Chrysalis, attempting to make on last jab at Striking. "Like I told you. Like Sombra told you. Like everyone told you Strikey! This will Change nothing. It's not your foal. It's Shining Armor's. Think Maybe, Might coulda, woulda, Shoulda all you want. But plain simple fact is ANY hope you had at  chance of a future with Cadence, Was lost the absolute Second she met Shining Armor!"

From Crystal Castle where everyone was watching from Celestia's crystal ball, Shining glared at Chrysalis with contempt. That had truly been a detestable thing to say no matter what way you looked at it. But then as everyone watched, Striking without even glancing back at her said. "What else be new?" He continued toward the room where Flurry was being held. "Oh and Chrysalis." Striking said back. "If trying to get me riled is the closest you can seem to get at victory? Then you must REALLY be at rock bottom!" For the first time, Chrysalis was rendered speechless.

Striking entered the room. There was a small cradle in the center. Seeing Cadence fall in love with Shining Armor had been heart rending. See them marry was devastating. Seeing them together had been torture... "Don't think." He told himself. "Just do!" He had endured just as bad in the past. Yet the world, Not matter how much he had wished so, Did not end. Quietly, slowly he gazed into the cradle where the sleeping Flurry Heart lay. She was Cadence's daughter alright. And obviously Shining Armor's...Not his. Especially with the blue streaks in her hair. He had to admit, She had big wings, even for an alicorn baby. Then the little foal yawned. she was waking up.

Flurry Heart rubbed at her eyes and stared up. She was afraid the nasty bug lady would be there when she woke. But she giggled at the new face looking down at her. She liked this one. He had a funny spikey black mane. He was a bit more raggedy then most she had seen. But his eyes were soft. They were deep blue. Not red and filled with hate and malice. Much like her Daddy's. But they were also very, very sad. Flurry didn't know why he looked so sad. She tried to reach for him. To get him to come closer. Every time she was sad, Her mommy, daddy or Auntie Twilight would hug till she felt better. Maybe if she hugged her new friend, He'd stop being sad too.

Well Striking had been right. She was as beautiful as Cedence. And he was right as well, That he felt a wav of profound sadness. His love for Cadence was still Strong. It was still there. It would always be there. But now. Now More than ever he knew he could never return to the past. Now did he realize that all his rage. All his hate. All his fighting....Was but to cover his terrible feeling of loss. But he was wrong about one thing though. He had been absolutely sure this little one would be afraid of him. But she was not. In fact she was reaching for him to come closer. And, just like with Cadence, he could not deny.  He gently leaned closer and Flurry snuggled up close to his face. Then she notice tears coming out of his eyes. She nuzzled him more to make him feel better. Striking knew it was not the time for tears. Now was the time to get out here. No child Cadence should EVER be in this pit! Despite the fact he had no experience handling foal, Striking scooped up Flurry into his fore arms with a gentleness probably none thought possible. Flurry held tight to her friend as they turned to leave.

As he made his way back towards Trixie, Striking realized the irony of a certain fact. Here he was. Softly holding a sweet baby foal...after having just brutally torn his way through a hive full of changelings. A brutality he knew he had administered to a great deal of Canterlot knights. Only now did he seem to realize the great violence that had taken up his life. Striking groaned and thought of Cadence. What was that he said that night in the Dojo? He had never been worthy?

Will add more later.
Chrysalis lair.


Baby Flurry Heart was crying. For good reason too. She was only a week or so old and she had been snatched from warm soft bed by a bunch of nasty ugly bug creatures. Now this equally ugly bug lady was looking at her.

"Awww!" mocked Chrysalis. "How cute! How sickening!" Chrysalis sneered at the defenseless foal she had just kidnapped. Not since the Wedding had she done something so despicable. But if there was ever the one thing Chrysalis was, It was Vile. Unlike Starlight, Sunset or Even Sombra, Chrysalis was hopelessly despicable. She had already sent her message. Surrender all of Equestria or the little whine factory got it. Oh Yes There was the usual names of Witch, Monster and all that jazz. But Chrysalis reveled in...


The window was open. But the Changeling that had landed right in front of her had smashed clear through a solid block wall. With what to have  been EXTREMELY major force. The bruised, Black and blue Changeling had note taped to his head. Chrysalis looked at the note: Look out the Window NOW!

Chrysalis did so. Her room was at the very top tower. The Changeling that had smashed through the wall had been thrown from the very bottom of the badlands floor. He found another note that been latched to the window sill by a shuriken. This Note read: Two choices. Hand over the Foal quietly Or I come up right now and take her back. And all bets are off! Chrysalis stared down at the ground below. Her eyes went wide with at the sight of..."Striking Sword?!"

"What's he doing here?" Chrysalis asked rhetorically to whatever minions were in the room. Of Course it was fairly obvious. That cretins sad devotion to Princess Cadence had drove him to attempt a one stallion rescue of her little brat! Striking stared up at Chrysalis. His eyes blazing with fury. "All hot air!" Chrysalis snarled. "For the past nine months that fools been in despair over the joyous occasion. His latest heartbreaker over Cadence would make him weak. "This time the odds in my favor!" cackle Chrysalis.


Well, Striking tried to be nice. Fury and purpose driving him, He strode towards the lair gates. All the while have a sick feeling of Deja vu. He had launched a one stallion assault to rescue Cadence on the wedding day. Only to find she was already gone. But that was beside the point. The Bug witch had stolen something precious to her. Made Her Cry. They sealed their fates.

Marching towards the gates of the surrounding wall, Two guard changelings made run at him.


Striking slammed both their heads together. Cast them aside and tromped towards the castle gates. The two changeling guards spotted him. One of the insectoid creatures hissed and charged at him. Striking casually slammed the drone's head into a wall. Without loosing a bit of stride, Striking bucked the other Changeling with such force, it shot through the double doors, blasting them off their hinges. The entire main hall of the Castle hive was alive with Chrysalis creepy crawlers (No reference intended. Sorry T3). Hundreds of them. Snarling from the floors of the spiral staircase Where Striking spotted Chrysalis glaring from the top floor. With at least 20 of them surrounding him already, Striking thought "Too Bad....For Them!"

The changelings dart toward Striking. But it Quickly turned into a scene straight of Kung Fu Hustle. With his lightning fast movement, sheer ferocity, and monsterous strength, Striking sent All of flying. Smashing straight into a wall or right up the ceiling. Then he started up the stairs. Few Changelings got just in time to see several more, get smashed right through the second floor railing!

Right up the to the third floor, a Squad came at him. But with on swipe of his Magic Katana, Striking brought an whole section of the 4th floor crashing down on top of them. Springing up to the 4 floor, Striking grabbed another, Changeling and with one buck, sent the bug off like missile, shooting straight through an oncoming swarm, Sending them flying.

On the 6th floor it got strange. Because he was facing down a five foot  gummi bear! The creature said in a sing song voice..."I'm Ah So Ah Happy Cuz YOU Ah Gonna Die..."



Striking sliced off BOTH It's Gummi legs! Then he grabbed the gooey thing smashed it straight through a window! Up he continued. More opposition came. All met with similar fate.

Up in her central room, Chrysalis was furious. "WHAT DO I OPPRESS YOU MAGGOTS FOR?!" She shrieked at the quivering changelings in her company. "ONE PONY...Albeit an ultra violent, super savage one..AND YOU CAN'T TAKE HIM OUT!" Just then....

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Flurry Heart was crying again. She wanted her Mommy. She wanted Her Daddy. She wanted Aunt Twilight, Uncle Spike, Uncle Garble. ANYONE but these nasty creatures. "OH WOULD SOMEONE JUST STICK A SOCK THAT BRAT'S MOUTH AND SHUT HER UP!" Chrysalis screamed. "Don't You DARE TOUCH HER!" A voice cried out in the room. Stunned, Chrysalis whirled around to come face to face with.."Let her Go Witch or Face The Great and Powerful TRIXIE!" Chrysalis stared at Trixie in silence. Then let out a cruel laugh. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" She cackled. Trixie glared at her. "Oh Is this rich!" Chrysalis sneered. "The TENTH Rate showmare's calling me out!" "I AM NOT Joking!" Trixie challenged. She had managed to teleport herself into the hive. And into Chrysalis room first try. Now it was time to see if she could live up to her boasting. "Give! BACK! Flurry!"

"Just what do you think you're Missy?" Chrysalis grinned. "What? You think this can make you equal to Twilight? Let me tell you something prissy. You were never her equal to begin with! Not Her Second! Not her third! HECK! Never even her twentieth! All you are blue smoke and hot air. And your actual so called "Magic" Is The Most FEEBLE I've sensed in ANY unicorn!" Glaring at her Trixie still said. "Give. Back. Flurry!" "You don't even care about the So Called Love and Friendship Twilight's always yammering on about!" Chrysalis continued. "You're Like Me! In it for Numero Uno!" But then, Trixie's glowed white and her powered up! "GIVE HER BACK!" She cried. And with that she fired a more powerful than thought possible magic blast at Chrysalis. Blasting the Bug queen right into the next room. Furious, Chrysalis leapt back into the room. "YOU LITTLE..."





They could hear that Striking was coming closer! More Changelings came at him. But he couldn't be stopped. He Would NOT Be stopped.

"Useless maggots!" Chrysalis hissed. "I still have Kingdom to Collect." She told Trixie. "So if you don't mind, I'll just take the brat and..." Trixie jumped in front of Chrysalis. "Stop right There!" She told her. "Oh Wise Up Kid!" Chrysalis scowled. "GAME OVER!" "I'm taking you down!" Trixie said to her face. "Right!" Chrysalis laughed.


Chrysalis blasted Trixie aside. Knocking her into the wall. Chrysalis stalked menacingly towards her. "You're out of your league Lulamoon!" She hissed. I took Celestia herself down once and twilight still probably couldn't take me from the love I absorbed from Shining and Cadence when that Brat was born. "You're nothing But a leech!" Trixie told her as she got to her hooves. "And You don't know anything about Me! And once Striking get's through that door there's not even be so much as a wing clip left of you!" "What's there to know?" Chrysalis scoffed. "Despite that little flash back there, You're a wisp! Barely even an amature! A Simpering little foal pretending she's something special. And HIM? Despite all his savagery and bravado, He's just a sad, lonely little lovesick colt who can't get it through his head that Princess Cadence was NEVER gonna give him the time of Day! Still!" Chrysalis sneered. "It's a whooping you're a wantin!"

Trixie dashed towards the center of the room. "Yeah That's Right!" smirked Chrysalis. "Better to gallop and save yourself. It's about your speed." But Trixie did not run. Using her magic, She levitated everything big and heavy in the room and slammed it all into any window, any door, anything that would block an escape. They she charged toward Chrysalis. "LET'S DANCE BROOMHILDA!" "This should be good for a..


"AaaaaH!" cried Chrysalis. Trixie had splattered mud and dirt in her eyes. "My Eyes!" Then Trixie blasted her right across the room. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" screamed Chrysalis. "Fighting Dirty!" Trixie declared. "Twilight Would never..." "I Told You Didn't know me!" Trixie stated as the duel continued.

Back at the Crystal castle, Shining, Cadence, Twilight, Spike and the rest of the gang were staring in astonishment at what was going on through the crystal ball Celestia provided for them. They Trixie taking on Chrysalis and Striking ripping through Changeling after Changeling continuing up the stairs. "Is Trixie out her mind?" Rainbow Dash asked. "What's she think she's doing taking Chrysalis. "Well She's doing better than I thought she would." Spike observed. They had the whole army ready to go storm the hive to rescue Flurry Heart. But when Celestia sensed what was going on, They were all watching with rapt attention. "If this some dumb snag for Glory..."AJ began. But Fluttershy said. "Maybe she tried to save Flurry so Striking wouldn't be crushed when he saw her. Shining And Cadence held hooves. Prying for their daughter's safety and on another level hoping for Striking. "Come on Strike." Shining said to himself quietly. "Oh Stikey.." Cadence teared up.

Striking continued on and on and on. Don't think just do! That was the thought right now! Nothing else.  It was a one sided fight with bugs losing.




Trixie and Chrysalis furiously exchanged magic bolts back and forth. But the more it went on, The more it was clear no matter how much this new boost had given Trixie, Chrysalis still had the upper hoof. Trixie was panting out of breath as Chrysalis stalked menacincingly towards her. With one swipe of her twisted foreleg, Chrysalis smacked Trixie to the wall. She glared at her in fury. "You simpering waste of Flank!" She roared. "You Dare Think you could beat me!" "Actually..." Trixie said getting to her Hooves. "This was a play." "WHAT?!" Screamed Chrysalis. " You been paying attention to what Striking's been doing?" Trixie Grinned. Chrysalis eyes didn't eve have a chance to go wide!

There was crimson blur


Something clattering to the ground. Fury and disbelief seized Chrysalis up. "My.....HORN!" There it was. Her twisted horn separated from her head.

Another Blur


"my.....WINGS!" Chrysalis spun around and saw...Striking Sword! Blinded by rage, Chrysalis screamed in exasperation. "IT'S NOT EVEN YOUR FOAL! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" Striking eyes and horn flared with Fury! "Because..." He growled. "You Made Cadence CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" With that final roar, Striking launched flying buck, Striking Chrysalis in the throat and pinning her to wall. Gasping for air, Her power negated, Chrysalis was at his mercy. "Now." Striking's voice was a low growl. "Where's....Flurry Heart?" Struck numb, Chrysalis motioned toward the next room.

Striking released his hoof and she dropped to the floor in a heap. A look of forlorn on his face, He turned and went towards the room where the foal of the mare he loved and that was not his was held. Trixie sighed and said. "I can just take and teleport back myself..." Striking motioned her not to. Trixie watched as he went towards the room.

To be continued
MLP Dragons Striking Rescue 2
Striking story with scenes based off this…


United States
Sadly though...The only true way to Stop a bully is to take the fight to them

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